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Monday Morning Star Count 2014/24

Happy Summer!  I don't know if it's summer where you are, but I'm on vacation and totally feeling it~

We are in Paros at the Anezina Village Hotel (still scheming to pull together a quilt retreat here, how about June 2015,  anybody?) and the cicadas are chirping very loudly.  It's beautiful here, but I haven't found any time to sew.  Jack was sick last week and I caught whatever he had so as much as I'm enjoying being here, whenever we're not doing something as a family, all I want to do is sleep.  Hopefully it will run its course and I'll be back to myself soon.
Here are my updates from the last week..
I stitched part of one hex-diamond (worked on it while waiting at the salon), and cut a bunch of fabric for future hexies..
Have you guys been more productive?  Please link up below. 

This week marks the 1 year anniversary of the US/Canada release of Quilting on the Go and I want to give a HUGE Thank you to everyone who has bought, read, posted about, or shared my book.  I love hearing from you guys and seeing pictures of what you've made.   Many people have sent me pictures and emails lately but I haven't had time at the computer to respond.  Please know that I do appreciate what you've sent and I'm sorry life doesn't let me spend more time online right now.  I thought we'd do a little experiment this week though.. if you have read Quilting on the Go, could you please just let me know in the comments below?  I don't have access to how well the book is doing outside of the US, so if you comment I can kind of see how far it has reached.. there are translations in German, Dutch, Hungarian, Spanish and Estonian so far.. if you have one of those editions, let me know!

Ok, now let's see who else has been stitching this week...
(anyone is welcome to join the linky party at any time this week, don't be shy!  we want to see your EPP!)


  1. I bought the book in Japan from, but it came from the UK (English version). I have worked on hexagons every week since I got the book last summer. My first project was the little pouch from the book and now I am hand quilting a full sized bed quilt, made with 26 mm hexagons.

  2. I have read it!!! And loved it!!! And it inspired me to try EPP for the first time EVER!!! Which I have discovered I absolutely love, even if I do not get much time to stitch. . . Wish I owned a copy of it, but alas I was only able to borrow it!

  3. I have a copy (US version). I've made 4 different versions of the pouch as gifts for family members so far. I have plans to branch out and start a hexagon quilt this summer! Love it, quilting I can do when we watch TV at night.

  4. I have a copy of your book. I bought it from Amazon. I looked up the order date. It was June 23, 2013. I really enjoyed reading it. I was doing EPP for a couple months before I got the book, and I really appreciated how aesthetically pleasing the book is laid out. It has been an inspiration to continue working with EPP. So far, only hexagons, but it is great to see the other options available to me. I am located in New Jersey, USA.

  5. I live in the Netherlands and bought and read the English version.

  6. I'm re-reading it right now on my kindle (us version) as I work through a pink and white flower garden quilt. It's my favorite epp resource. Have a great vacation!

  7. Reading the English version in Switzerland!

  8. wow I can almost hear surf and feel the breeze just looking at your photos. thank you for sharing your view! love the warm yellow fabric for next project, look forward to seeing it.

  9. Wow! I can't believe it's been a year already!

  10. My first time to your blog! I wandered to someone's post from Patchworks Time and then clicked over here. I love your EPP. I've always wanted to try it, but didn't get real excited about Grandma's Garden (etc). I read about other's comments on your book. I love your projects--so cool! I just ordered your book from Amazon and it will be here in 2 days! I can't wait to learn how, pick a project and start quilting wherever I'm at!

  11. I purchased your book last summer (July?) for my kindle, but I loved it so much that I bought a hard copy too! You inspired me to take on my first project - Grandmother's Flower Garden and the Monday Morning Star Count keeps me motivated. I recently taught my sister to EPP, and also purchased a 3rd copy of your book for her :) The more the merrier! Although, now she doesn't call with questions as often - LOL. I am from Central Massachusetts. Love your work and already have a list of projects I want to complete from your book! Enjoy your vacation :)

  12. I'm in Australia & bought your book a couple of months ago. I love it! The projects are great & I've learnt so much. Thanks :-)

  13. I love your book! I bought it about a year or so ago, and am inspired by it every time I look through it. Working on my own travel quilt now as I accompany my sister to her radiation and chemo treatments. One wonderful side effect of EPP: you make friends wherever you go. An instant conversation starter! Your book is wonderful, and has caused about two dozen new EPP converts in my guild here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  14. Of course I have your book! But I just live in boing old Maryland.

  15. Congratulations on one year in print! The book is fantastic!

  16. I bought your book when it first came out & it has transformed my stitching life. Wonderful book!

  17. Congratulations,that`s great.Wonderful pics and your little one is adorable .Can´t wait to see your new project!!

  18. I bought your book last Summer in California, USA. I've made a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt, a tumbler pillow, a star quilt using squares and triangles, and am currently making a Kansas Dugout quilt. I'm hooked on EPP. :)

  19. I bought my book a couple of months ago and Iove it! I live on beautiful Prince Edward Island in Canada. So far I'm working on a star quilt in queen size and just need to sew on the last border before the hand quilting can begin. Thanks so much!

  20. My sons bought your book for me last June for my Birthday as I was inspired by you to make a travel quilt - an ongoing project I take on holidays with me. I'm also making a hexagon cushion using Liberty fabrics. I love your book (and blog), I've learnt so much from you. I live in the UK just outside London. Thanks Jessica!


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