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Monday Morning Star Count 2014/6

I had another wonderful workshop this weekend.  My friend Laura from NYC Mod invited me to teach EPP to her local guild further out on Long Island.  It was a very comfortable intimate class, with just 13 quilters sitting at tables in her living room.  Most had done EPP before, and the rest caught on quickly.  We chatted and stitched, the time just flew by, but by the end, there were some completed units and we agreed that they will all have progress to show when I come visit their guild next month.

I love teaching, but when I get home I always want to just sit and SEW!  I did make progress on TQ#5-- one full diamond and most of a second.  Let me keep working and I'll have pics next week.
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  1. I got the 1" hexagon die for my Accuquilt Go Baby with some Christmas money. I fired it up last night. It made short work of prepping my Liberty of London hexagons and the card stock templates. I am ready to baste.

  2. Ooooh, such fun! I just taught another girlfriend how to do hexies last night & I think she might be hooked! I think we all understand that addiction. :-)

  3. No EPP progress for me this week- all my sewing went towards binding my first King-sized quilt- and it's over halfway done!

    I'm so glad your workshop went well. Thanks for running the linkup- it's so fun!

  4. Love hexes! Definitely an addiction like everything else. Can't help noting how rugged up you all are. We are sweltering here.


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